Adventuring // Vance Joy Concert


I love blogging about the little joys that occur in my life. I feel as though it’s easier to relive those moments and reflect when my thoughts and feelings are documented right there in front of me.

With that being said, this little joy I would like to document in my life is the first concert I have ever experienced with my  boyfriend, Zach. Vance Joy is currently on his Nation Of Two tour which, in my opinion, is the best album he has created yet. This night, exactly one week ago, was truly unforgettable, and I’m not just saying that because of the great company.

I love the rawness of his music and how intimate the set felt, even though we were so far back in the crowd. I never truly appreciated the lighting and sound of a show as a whole until this night. Express Live!, formerly and forever in my heart known as the LC Pavilion, has an amazing outdoor venue and I always love it when shows take place there.

Side note, Zach desired to mark this momentous occasion with overpriced band tees (which I absolutely adore). This is the first time I have ever owned a band tee that wasn’t from a thrift store or Target, so I was pretty stoked and for sure felt like a cool kid for once in my life. Speaking of cool kids, is peeing on the bathroom floor the new hip thing to do at concerts? Because that 100% happened in the stall next to me while I was using the restroom at the venue. TMI? Possibly. Definitely an experience I’d like to erase from my brain, but a funny little disgusting story that I’ll keep in my back pocket just in case I need a really lame ice breaker. Ya feel me?

Did I mention the weather? Because Ohio thought it would be fun to tease us with huge, dark thunderstorm clouds the entire night and only drizzle for .5 seconds. On the bright side, since Ohio was on the verge of a thunderstorm, the air was perfect concert weather. Not humid, still a beautiful sunset, and a slight breeze.

Over all, this night was one for the books and I for sure, without shame, fan-girled like there was no tomorrow. I highly recommend you go bless your eardrums with Vance Joy’s new album out now, Nation Of Two.

// kenzie