Coffee Chats // Hello March ☕️

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Happy March! I know what you’re thinking… “Kenzie, March 2019 has been a thing for 11 days already. Where have you been?” And I only have one response to that…I’ve been busy and I want to tell you all about it NOW!

Coffee Chats” was something I started doing on Infinite Brevity in 2018 and it’s something I really loved because it provided THREE things:

1) Time for me to stop and appreciate things that are going on in my life

2) Motivation for me to actually go through with the things I say I’m going to focus on each month

3) A chance for me to sit down and chat with you, just like I would if we were old friends catching up on life over a cup of coffee



You may or may not be aware that there have recently been some major life changes in regard to my family. If you aren’t aware - the short version is that my immediate family moved to Atlanta, and I stayed in Ohio. My brother and his wife still live in Ohio, however, we all have lives and sometimes that gets in the way of family time. So yesterday my Mom came into town to spend a few days with us (and to get her braces off…but mostly to spend time with us) and we grabbed coffee and chatted it up for a while.

We then parted ways with my brother, and my mom is staying with me for the remainder of her time in town. We have always had an amazing connection and as I’ve gotten older she becomes more and more of a best friend. We talk about everything; We dream together, laugh together, and solve all the worlds problems together. Needless to say I miss her and a FaceTime call just isn’t enough sometimes. Anyone else have a mother or motherly figure in their life like this? If not, highly recommend finding your go-to person for every conversation under the sun. It’s a pretty amazing relationship to have.

{The same day as above} My mom and I were able to see my talented cousins’ performance of The Little Mermaid (Disney Jr. edition) and they were the cutest, most talented ones up there. I’m totally not biased or anything.

Prince Eric and Flounder killed it.

Fun story from this night:

We then went out for ice cream afterward and {true story} one of my cousin’s friends from the play asked me if I was famous and said they watched my YouTube videos and wanted to meet me.

I then proceeded to anxiously shout back across the room in front of 30 kids and their parents in the tiny ice cream shop, with a beat red face, “NOPE THAT’S NOT ME.”

Why am I like this.


I’m an extreme introvert who steers clear of all attention. THAT was terrifying.



The Japanese House just released their new album and it’s absolutely beautiful and musically genius in every way. go listen to it.


This month I have TWO concerts (which is nothing compared to May…that’s the huge concert month of the year). I have the opportunity to see MILKK and NIGHTLY in one weekend and I. Am. STOKED. They are smallish bands so if you haven’t heard of them, go hear of them. After or while you read this post, of course.


{Physical Health}

This is one of those things I have to tell other people I’m going to do in order to make it real. You know what I mean?

This month I am making it my goal to take better care of my physical health and routines. I will be starting the Jillian Michaels Bodyshred videos to get myself into a rhythm of working out daily, and continuing where I left off with my eating plan from the end of last year.

I have been struggling to keep the weight off that I had lost (20 pounds) and am feeling the repercussions of allowing myself to eat and sleep whenever I want since being on my own. I’ve noticed a significant lack of self discipline that I would like to train myself to get back.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my beginning again.

Feel free to tag along this journey and do this with me! Share you progress and maybe we can motivate each other. Doing things like this alone is no fun and often leads to defeat.

{Mental Health}

Reading is something I have struggled with for a long time. Intentionally setting aside time to read and escape from the noise of life. Reading spiritually enriching books, mentally captivating fiction novels, or even just a simple motivational read. Like I said, everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve decided to start with what has been placed in front of me.

I have been given the opportunity to read Jacqueline Pirtle’s 365 Days of Happiness step-by-step guide of encouragement to being happy. I can’t wait to jump into it and receive daily motivation from it. A full review on this read will be up on my blog very soon and I can’t wait to share with you what I have discovered from this beautiful book.

JPEG image-5275AE4808A1-2.jpeg


My Happy Planner has been my sidekick these passed few months and it has kept me on task and is so nice to have right next to me at all times. There’s something about writing notes down, writing your schedule down, and physically crossing off finished tasks that is so great to have especially for someone who works from home and gets distracted REALLY easily. Highly highly highly recommend you grab yourself one of these and customize the crap out of it, because you can literally make it custom to your life and that is HUGE and an amazing tool.

I hope this little chat has given you a little bit of encouragement and motivation. I love getting to know you and giving you a little scoop on the happenings within my life as well. Remember to subscribe to the Infinite Brevity e-newsletter if you haven’t already to receive occasional blog updates and fun new happenings as our brand grows! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this little “brain dump” type post. Happy Monday and I hope your March is a beautiful one!

// kenzie