Coffee Chats // Hello September 🍂


School has begun, but my next adventure awaits in Chicago, Illinois. In just a few short weeks, Brittany, Lorna, and I will be packing up our gear and heading to Riot Music Festival for a weekend trip as well as the Dodie concert taking place that weekend as well. I’m so excited to be going on this trip with such amazing people. It’s going to be so fun and I will try my best to vlog and blog my experience as we go along! 


August had kind of a concert lull for me. If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media and following the blog for a while, you would know that I am a huge advocate for concert-going. I love the whole atmosphere of live music, crowds, and discovering new venues and new artists locally. So in the month of September, I will be picking up the slack from August by searching for artists who will be in town and at least getting my tickets for future shows. Riot Fest and Dodie will be in Chicago, the band CAMINO is coming in town so I will for sure be there to see that show, and there are many I would love to see in October. Stay tuned!


Pale Waves' first official album is coming out THIS MONTH and I don't think it's possible to be more proud of them. I have had the privilege of seeing them live twice here in Ohio and I've been following them since the beginning of their career (back before they were under the beautiful influence of the 1975). I am incredibly excited and you better believe their new music is going to be in my September Music Monthly, I can FEEL it in my bones.

( Bottom  pic is  before ,  top  pic is  after ).

(Bottom pic is before, top pic is after).

This month I have dedicated to taking back my health. Recently I have lost about 20 pounds, and over a few months of “loosely” (to say the least) being “on plan” I have quickly gained some back. This month I am dedicating to strict, healthy living in hopes that I will jump back into a healthy lifestyle as a result. I’d like to try new recipes and start cooking and testing the limits of “healthy baked goods” as well. I can’t wait to explore this world and share my treasure findings with you. I want to get my 21 Day Fix videos started back up again as well as some yoga in between to make sure I’m not pushing myself too hard. I’m excited to get myself back on track after a period of no routine and going where the wind takes me.

I’m so excited for this month because I’m finally getting to a place of structure and routine. I feel like the one good part about being back in school is that I feel like I’m not completely wasting my time. I have a routine; classes every day, work to get done, job searching to do, a business to grow, and much more. School has helped me balance my time in a way that nothing else could help me accomplish, due to my lack of self-discipline when it comes to tasks for my personal life. Give me a job to do and I will do it with excellence and discipline, I’ll finish it if it takes me all night. Give me a job to do for MYSELF and I’ll never get it done. School has really allowed me the structural freedom I needed to be able to balance out the other areas of my life.


I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some new features on my blog that might be of interest to you.

  1. I have an insiders NEWSLETTER. What?! Sign up with your email and you will be the first to know about new blog posts. Sign up with your email and you will be given EARLY ACCESS to monthly playlists (and freebies when available). Sign up with your email and you wouldn’t just now be finding out about my GUEST BLOG OPPORTUNITY for the first time.

  2. Another new feature on Infinite Brevity is the opportunity for my fellow bloggers and influencers to be GUEST WRITERS on the site! (See here for more details).

August was such an amazing month filled with so many beautiful things and adventures…check out my August Monthly Favorites post for more insight!


The book I will be reading (rather, listening to) in September is called “Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman. 7 chapters in and I’m already hooked and ready to finish up this baby. Stay tuned for my September Favorites (it might be featured in that post depending on how the book goes…)

// kenzie

What are you most excited for in September? Out of everything I have listed above, I think I’m MOST excited for the first day of autumn (September 22nd). After all, fall is my favorite season.

Please take a moment to vote on your favorite elements of fall! I would love to incorporate your input in a future blog post. Please and thank you!⬇️