September 2018 // Monthly Favorites


Last month was an exciting, interesting one. Although it’s about a week late, I still have favorites to share with y’all…let's get right into my highlights of September!


Autumnal Inspired Lookbook

My most recent purchase has been my go-to this month...these cute coveralls! This month is actually SPECIAL because I have a WHOLE POST dedicated to fall fashion. See "Autumnal-Inspired Lookbook" for the full post!


Peet's Light Roast Coffee

Breakfast of CHAMPIONS💪🏼My brother and his wife opened my eyes to the most amazing coffee I have ever experienced in my near 20 years of living. Recently I have been perfecting my French Pressing skills and this coffee taste even BETTER made through a French Press. I honestly didn't think this coffee could be any better, but I was proven wrong when I made it through the French Press. 100/10 would recommend this lovely coffee blend.


I should note: After discovering this beautiful brand, I was able to actually go in to a Peet’s Coffee shop when I was in Chicago, and I HIGHLY recommend their cold brew because it is magnifique!


Behind my September bullet journal design: I honestly used an idea from @LettersWithLaurenLiz on Instagram and did a SUPER simple spread. I was feeling very uninspired in the bullet journalling world. When I'm busy it's hard for me to sit and get inspired, so I decided to take it easy on myself and strip it to the bear minimum and, despite my personal battle with creativity, I actually ended up really enjoying this month's spread.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.53.41 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.56.02 PM.png

chalk full of love

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1) Qmee | The only survey app I have found that is actually useful, reliable, smooth and clean. This link does not benefit me, only you. You can do surveys whenever you want, turn on your notifications so they can tell you when new surveys come available, and GET PAID. This app totally helps when you’re in need of some cash, although it takes time, it worth it. Get paid for sharing your opinions!

2) Bobby | My finances felt so out of control, and grasping all of my reoccurring payments seemed so out of reach before finding this amazing application. Bobby is a reoccurring payment tracker, completely customizable! You have to manually insert your subscriptions, but it takes no time at all and after you’ve done it once, you never have to do it again. I have finally grasped my finances and I feel so free from the “when is what payment due” dance of life.


1) OGX Argan Oil Hair Mask | This hair mask smells and feels absolutely amazing. It is infused with essential oils and was designed to moisturize, strengthen, and renew the hair. You comb it through your hair and leave it sit for about 6 minutes before showering, and then you rinse it out with cool water. It does EXACTLY what it says it will. Do you have thin, dry-ended, color-treated hair? I highly recommend you try out this mask!

2) Hand Steamer | Anybody else absolutely despise ironing? Well this is 100% the solution to all your wrinkle-free desires. This little machine is perfect for travel and those of us who would normally attempt the ol’ “just put it in the bathroom and use the shower steam” trick for last minute wrinkle emergencies. I feel that on a deep level, man. I got this as a Christmas gift last year and honestly it’s been my favorite little device, always by my side and never lets me down, so I thought I should mention it to you. This one in particular comes with multiple caps for various fabrics. Yay!

3) Garnier Hair Care Fructis Full and Plush | This shampoo and conditioner duo was an answer to all my needs. Great price? Check. Smells nice? AbsoLUTELY check. For fine, thin hair? Check. Literally the greatest duo for the greatest price. This kind of find is a great reminder that you don’t need to break the bank for hair care products.

4) OGX Radiant Glow + Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Hydrating Body Wash | My skin is extremely sensitive to body wash, it’s the reason I used to have so much back and chest acne. For a long time I didn’t understand why it was happening, and then I quit using Bath and Body Works body wash and picked up this guy and my whole life was changed forever. My acne isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be, almost to the point of it being a rarity. My skin feels great, this body wash smells amazing, and there are no harmful chemicals within the product. A+, OGX. A+.


I know I know. “You’re a 19 year old millennial who’s never read or seen a single Harry Potter movie in her life? Are you even LIVING!?” Yes. I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon since people are still obsessively asking me which house I would belong to (still haven’t figured that out yet but I am determined to find out). After about twelve years of hearing about how amazing the Harry Potter series is, I decided maybe I should see what the hype is all about. I am keeping in mind that this is a YA Fiction series, meaning it’s nostalgic for everyone I have ever spoken to about it. Which means it’s most likely not going to have the same effect on me as it did on you when you were twelve. I just started it, and it’s only in my monthly favorites because “so far so good.”

What are some of YOUR favorites from September? I’d love to check them out!

// kenzie