I Forgot About College (For A Hot Minute)


Over the summer you get into this groove and realize that working isn’t so bad especially since you’re getting paid for all the work you put into your job. School is less satisfactory, more mandatory. So, naturally it was easy for me to shove my studies to the back of my mind for a while as I checked into my summer groove. 

Mind you, this past year had been my first year of real-life college (aside from the college credit courses I took in high school). The full experience. When you’re in high school, it’s easy to forget about what classes you’re supposed to take, and really the only date you need to remember is what day school starts up again. College is a whole other story, and I wrote mine completely wrong.

Scheduling courses is the definition of STRESS. There’s so much that takes place in order to get a semester class scheduled. You have to make sure the teacher is legit (aka going to ratemyprofessors.com to make sure they’re not a complete mess), deciding on whether or not you want to take the course online or in class and if there are any more seats available due to your lack of effort and high levels of procrastination throughout the summer, trying to figure out how to balance your current work schedule with your new school schedule, to name a few casualties. 

There’s so much more that goes into starting classes back up in college than there was in high school. High School taught me to depend on other people to advance me in my studies, and college is teaching me independence and accountability. Granted, I still won’t talk on the phone and make my own doctors appointments, I’m still working up the courage to reach THAT level of adulthood. But for now I’ll stick to learning how to get myself through college and see where that takes me. I found that the biggest struggle has been getting myself to talk to my advisor. I never worked on building a relationship with my advisor, so I have always felt out of the loop and lost. “Am I going to the right place?" I’m not a freshman anymore, I should know this stuff by now. 

Dear Incoming College Students, 

Build a relationship with an advisor. Make sure you’re comfortable enough to talk with them about your next steps, your plans, and ask them how they can work with you to get you where you need to be. I go to a community college, and I have found that everyone is very much self-sufficient except for me. That’s because everyone works at their own pace, individually, and they all connected with an advisor and I did not. That would be my biggest piece of advice. There are NO stupid questions when it comes to meeting with your advisor. They are there to help you succeed. Take advantage of your resources and you can get through this. WE can get through this. 

If you’re in college, what is your biggest piece of advice you can give to incoming freshman? Comment below! 

// kenzie