Perks of Being A Student // Saving Money & Taking Names


Lots of companies are all about helping students succeed with special education prices and discounts, whatever it takes. I have gathered the "best of" student discounts and I've attached my favorite ways to save money on otherwise pretty-penny-title worthy products at the end under "shop smart." Remember to "like" this post on the bottom right hand side of this page if you found this helpful, and subscribe to my blog for more posts to encourage you and help you succeed! 


Spotify + Hulu | Originally $9.99 + tax, Spotify now offers Spotify Premium + Hulu Subscription for $4.99/ month. That’s two great, useful apps for less than the price of Starbuck’s new protein blended cold brew drinks. 

Amazon Prime (Student) | Quite possibly the best (or second best under Spotify) student deal out there. Amazon Prime student is HALF the price of regular Amazon Prime.

Apple Store (Education Pricing) | Students and teachers save 5% off select devices according to the most used for educational purposes such as iMac, MacBooks, and iPads.

Microsoft | My school offers Microsoft programs for free through a student login. On top of this money-saving technique, Microsoft has device deals for students as well. Their latest promotion states “Save up to $194 on a Surface Pro 3, save 10% on accessories, and get special pricing on Software.

Gym Memberships | This was NEWS to me. Many gym’s such as 24-Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness offer low prices and great deals to help students stay healthy through their college years. Check your local gym for more information.

Phone Companies | There are a select few phone companies who offer discounts specifically for students to get the best deal for the school year. 

Adobe Creative Cloud | Originally $52.99/month for the “All Apps” plan, students and teachers can have access to the full “All Apps” plan for just $19.99/month. If you’re heavily into graphic design and editing, I would highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity, because you’re not going to be a student forever! 

Sam’s Club | (varies with location) + $15 gift card when you renew or sign up with a membership.

TopShop | Students receive 10% off their purchase.

Amtrak | Are you the adventure-type? Check out this great deal for students upon booking your next trip. Sign up and use your Student Advantage Discount card to save 10% on train tickets plus bonus travel points.


UNiDAYS | Sign up for free, and have access to every type of student discount all in one place. Limited-time student offers, consistent student discounts, anywhere from fashion to tech to food. This site has saved me so much money and has actually made me glad I’m a student. 

Honorable - Not a student discount per say, however, I got my refurbished, excellent-condition 2015 MacBook pro for less than $1500 with warranty on this site. They offer everything you can think of in the Apple Ecosystem. From oldies to brand new, from Apple Watches to Apple TV’s, iPads to Desktops, this site carries it all in limited quantities. So when you find “the one” you have to act fast, because you don’t know if that item is going to be there the next day. Wanna hear some good news? Not a lot of people know about this site either, so it’s more likely you’re going to find what you’re looking for here.

Textbooks | My advice? Never buy unless it’s a workbook. Always rent or, if it’s possible, rent or buy virtual copies of the textbooks. It’s a significant difference in prices trust me. See if your school provides a digital textbook option and if not, Amazon provides digital textbook rentals (or purchasing) and that’s all I have ever done outside of needing a few physical workbooks.

Movie Tickets | Check your local theater for matinee or special discounts for students upon showing your student ID.

// kenzie

Did you know about these discounts? Which one is your favorite? Do you have more you'd like to share? Comment below!