Coffee Chats // Hello November


Hello November, what a whirlwind we have in our midst. 

This month I will be drowning myself in tea and audiobooks in attempts to keep my sanity levels to a light roar during the act of balancing my work schedule, school assignments, moving dates, birthday celebrations, and holiday plans which will all be occurring simultaneously over the next two months. Oh Jesus, take the wheel. 

I am starting to feel the weight of this move now that our current house has sold and my family has found their new home in Atlanta (all in one weekend, I might add). #BuckeyesGoPeach is my media-genius mother's hashtag for this life transition, but in reality, will they ever truly go peach? I'd like to think that once you're a Buckeye, born and raised, you're always a Buckeye. But a cute hashtag helps lighten the mood I suppose. 

We have come to the conclusion that the mood of Christmas is not going to be so cheerful this year and quite frankly might be a bit lonesome as my family adjusts to their new lifestyle, and the week of thanksgiving will be the week I move out. Yikes. So we might be making quick-eats "Friends" Thanksgiving Sandwiches while I get situated (the secret to the sandwich is a gravy-soaked layer of bread in the middle). 


Anyway, I refuse to let this season steal the best of me. I am choosing, right now, to take my own words of encouragement I used in the "King of My Heart" blog post and be patient and positive with situations I can't control. I rest in knowing that my life is just as important as my family's lives, to God. Just like God is putting all the ducks in a row for my family in Atlanta, He is working to lay out plans for my ducks as well. Just because I don't see the good in this situation yet, doesn't mean moving is the wrong decision for me or my family. Doors open, doors close, seasons come and pass. Sometimes life is inconvenient and sad and hard, and that's just okay. Through these times when I'm at my weakest, I am surrounded by people who breathe words of encouragement, and when I am at my lowest, I know that they will allow me to lean on them for support. 

I'm so grateful for the obstacles that lie ahead, because I will choose to believe in the growth aspect that comes alongside the difficulties. This is going to be an interesting month. Who knows what life will bring to the table in the days to come.

// kenzie

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