Dear 2015

2015, You were a roller coaster of a year, for me. Thank you for helping me find who I am through the hardships. Overall, it was a pretty decent year. I spent lots of time with family, met new friends, turned another year older.
Now that I look back, you were a good year. But this year, 2016,  I am going to make a few changes.
I will make more time to do the things that I love, spend more time with my friends, restore relationships with people from my past. After all, it is “new year new me”… isn’t it?
My goals for this new year are not to get in shape, or another cliche resolution. My new goals are simpler and realistic. One of them stop living in fear.
Ever since I can remember, I have stayed in a tiny bubble…called a comfort zone. I never learned to swim (unless you count doggie paddle, in which case I am a pro) for fear of drowning.
I’ve hated heights my whole life, for fear of falling.
I’ve avoided certain social situations, for fear of people not accepting me. As you may have noticed, I have very bad trust issues.
From now on I am done living in fear.
So thank you, 2015, for preparing me for this next year.
If you have any New Years resolutions you’d like the share, I encourage you to write a letter to 2015.
What are some of your resolutions for the new year?