20 Things I’ve Learned In 20 Years


Today is my birthday (also Thanksgiving, yes) and I don’t wanna make a big deal about it, but this is a cute annual post that I do each year on my birthday to remind myself how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown over the years, and to pass it onto you, my friend.

  1. Don’t blame yourself for other people’s personal issues with you. Always be open to grow and learn from your mistakes, but never sell yourself short or think the blame always falls on you because of someone else’s problems.

  2. Don’t compare your pain to someone else’s. Everyone has their own unique degree to which they go through painful situations. It may not look like a big deal to you, but it could be the worst thing that’s ever happened to someone else.

  3. You make time for the things you prioritize, so never say you don’t have time to do something. If you never learn to prioritize, you will end up giving all of your time away to things that don’t feed your soul.

  4. Look at your own life and see if you can improve your circumstances BEFORE you start complaining to someone else. It’s okay to vent every once in a while, but don’t lay your burdens on someone else when the issue is internal.

  5. Sometimes people make sushi with the shrimp tail in the middle of the roll instead of the outside, and you get a little interesting crunchy surprise in the middle of bites. You’re just going to have to forgive those people for incorrectly making your sushi. 

  6. Laughing is just as essential as breathing. 

  7. The older I get the less I find out I know. I’ve began to humble myself over the years and I’ve realized that I’m actually not right all the time. Go figure!

  8. Talk to God often, and speak to Him like He’s your best friend. Tell Him about your day, thank Him for the little things, thank Him for the big things, and, most importantly, praise Him in your low points. Just because He knows about your day already doesn’t mean you can’t carry a casual conversation with Him. 

  9. Be KIND often, because you never know who's day you're going to make or who's perspective you're going to change out of a single moment of pure and genuine kindness.

  10. Don't live your life in a habit of "treating yourself." When you get into a routine of "treating yourself" to things you think you deserve because you have a mindset of "I worked so hard, I deserve a break," you're living your life in a state of being reward-driven rather than success-driven. Do hard things because they will shape who you are, not because you will be rewarded once it's over. #PerspectiveChange

  11. Leave things better than you found them.

  12. When you like something about a person, tell them. Even if they’re a stranger to you. Be an example of an encourager because when you encourage others, it opens up the door for others to encourage you too.

  13. Don’t expect good things to just fall into your lap. You want something to happen? MOVE. Do something about it and take a next step, ANY next step.

  14. Don’t display road rage so close to your house, your work, or your church…that person, bless their heart, could end up being your neighbor, your coworker/boss, or someone else pulling into the church parking lot. Road rage itself is just a bad idea.

  15. When you date someone, don't be the person you think they need you to be. Be yourself and allow yourself to let your guard down around them. Relationships require vulnerability. Being vulnerable is hard when you can't even cry on their shoulder or fart around them.

  16. Mistakes can turn out to be beautiful, messes show progress, and always wearing mix matched socks means you never have to worry about losing one in the wash. The only important thing I ever learned from school was from my elementary art teacher who's words stuck with me the entirety of my life since, and those words are these: “perfect is boring!”

  17. Be teachable in every circumstance. Remember that you don't know everything, even if you think you're the expert, there will always be someone from whom you can learn.

  18. Spend as much time as you possibly can with your family. Your time with them is not limitless. Soak up every moment you have and appreciate each one.

  19. If you feel lonely or depressed, don't seclude yourself. I know it's what you want to do because it's the easiest way to cope, but it only makes it worse. You need people, you can't do life alone.

  20. Calories don't count on Thanksgiving. Eat all the turkey and pie, laugh with your people, go for a walk after dinner, and then come back for seconds. Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

Thank you for reflecting back with me. I hope some of these, if not all of these, resonate with you in some way. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and stay warm and cozy! Remember to give this post a ❤ below if you enjoyed and subscribe to my newsletter so you can be the first to know about posts and stay tuned for exciting upcoming projects in regards to Infinite Brevity😉

// kenzie